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While design is our proud craft, outside our roles, we're people with diverse personalities, hobbies, and interests. Tadas likes
, while Maria 
. Some of us treasure 
. In our studio, it's not uncommon to encounter some artefacts - from
. Maybe it just shows how mixing logic and creativity in the right blend can make awesome digital things happen.
Since the beginning, we have always believed in the value of good design. The main mission of a designer is to make the surrounding world more accessible and usable for everyone. Design animates the physical environment so it benefits people in their activities – and the same applies to the digital realm as well. 

But to accommodate the needs of humans, design must be developed by people for people. The algorithmically correct, data-based, and rigorous approach to design today is inevitable, yet the shape and form it takes eventually depends on the creative mind behind a screen. Thus we embrace creativity to find refreshing perspectives.

We are building a good design that enables people to use digital interfaces without friction, frustration, and feeling lost.
The output of our daily work – electronic stores, representative company pages, applications, and products.

We design so that they achieve their goals most intuitively, without wasting time navigating the complexity of the interface. We care about digital efficiency.

→ User guidance. Designing ‘A’ to be so intuitive that the path to ‘B’ is clear and unobstructed
→ Business insight. Solving problems that are at hand instead of inventing new ones
→ Human-centricity. Our designers embrace creativity in the digital realm to deliver better experiences for others
We believe that good design solves problems. Design by humans for humans is the core of our activity. Read our manifesto.
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We are looking for Project manager, Senior UI designer, CRO analyst  last update
MARCH 2024
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